Rubies Programs

Education and Prevention of Trafficking through Shaping Character and Culture


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About Our Programs

  • Free transportation can be provided

  • Lunch provided on Saturdays

  • Program materials and community outings cost covered

  • Community outings as a group to expand cultural views

  • Completion ceremony at the end of program cycle

Program Options

  • At RUBIES facilities: 12 week program cycle, 4 cohorts annually

  • 12 week program cycle; brought to your youth serving organization/school

  • 6 week accelerated program cycle: brought to your youth serving organization/school

Program Goals

  • Understand what human trafficking is and how to identify it

  • Expand cultural views through community outings

  • Bridge the gaps between ethnicities and culture


Take a Sneak Peak into our Week to Week

Sex Trafficking Awareness and Prevention

Program participants are taught:

  • Social media/online safety

  • How to identify traffickers and the grooming process in their own lives and the lives of their peers

  • How to report suspicious behavior, red flags, and/or warning signs

  • Situational awareness

Self Defense

RUBIES partner with local self-defense organizations to:

  • Build self-confidence

  • Develop self-discipline and self-respect

  • Improve physical conditioning

  • Improve situational awareness tools

Image & Etiquette

RUBIES participants will learn:

  • Social graces and upper class cultural rights as a preparation for entry into society.

  • Girls learn about social media etiquette

  • Behavior in social space

  • Cultural speech

  • Common curiosity

  • Neat appearances and control over one’s emotions

Friendships & Relationships

RUBIES participants are taught:

  • How to care for friends who are being abused and/or exploited

  • Setting healthy boundaries with friends and in dating

  • Defining what a healthy friendship and relationship looks like

  • Identifying patterns of manipulation

Vocational Training

RUBIES participants will gain experience in:

  • Resume writing

  • Interview etiquette

  • Homework assistance

  • Budgeting and Money Management