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Don't Rush To Get Old is the gripping and heart stopping testimony of Olivia Jackson, a woman who as a young girl found herself on the brink of destruction. This tale of survival, redemption and victory chronicles Olivia's trials of sexual and emotional abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, struggles with self worth and the paralyzing evils of family dysfunction. Although this story is not an autobiography, it is a painfully graphic, heart wrenchingly honest testimony- that recants the years of personal pain and torture from a woman who almost lost her life from the lack of knowledge that comes with age and maturity. With a passionate foreword written by celebrated Pastor Pamela Hines, Olivia has a special message for the youth of today. Her story of deliverance through salvation will inspire and encourage all who read it!

DISCLAIMER: Please note. This story graphically profiles the details of my life as a call girl (my life being the operative words.) I am in no way endorsing or glamorizing the sex trade industry in any way. The professions of this industry are risky, immoral, dangerous and mostly illegal. I am not advising or encouraging any reader to pursue a career in the sex trade industry. I am encouraging every reader to do the opposite of what I did. I stand behind my belief that the sex trade industry is NOT purposed for God's child of destiny.

“The life I lived wasn’t designed to kill me; it was designed that someone might live.”

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