Makayla S. // Age 17

During the weeks here I learn how to accept my past. Our experiences make us who we are so we should not be ashamed of who we are especially when it could help others.  

MaHailey S. // Age 11

The first thing I learned in Rubies was that value comes with an emotion and that worth comes with a price. Another thing I learned is that sex trafficking can start with kids as young as nine years old. Something else I learned was that you can get into trafficking by either force fraud or people talking you into it. I learned to stay sober minded, not to get knocked off my square. 


Sha-Diamond M. // Age 16

Rubies will stick with me forever! I learned that you don't always have to judge other girls. Rubies has really opened my eyes about what's going on in the world. I've learned a lot about trafficking and what they look for in a girl. I've learned what it means to be groomed and chosen what an immoral woman is and the sophisticated male. 

Marguerite // Age 12

This could really help me throughout my whole life like how to protect myself on social media what I mean by that is turning off my location limit what I post and do not share my every move watch who I add follow and be mindful of my image keep the negative post off social media.