About Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

RUBIES mission is to reach at-risk girls through education and mentoring to prevent them from becoming victims of abuse, exploitation, and sex trafficking while restoring those who have been affected by unimaginable trauma.

RUBIES, Rare Unique Beautiful Intelligent Excelling Sisters, is for our girls - to learn, grow, and develop into responsible young ladies, being accountable for their actions. Since 2016, RUBIES has provided a safe atmosphere where girls can be vulnerable while engaging in discussion that surround real world issues.

Through RUBIES’ programs, our girls are educated on the danger and trauma associated with sex trafficking including how to identify traffickers and grooming patterns in their lives and the lives of their peers. They are taught social media boundaries, self protection, how to build healthy friendships, safe dating, vocational skills, and more! All our programs set standards by way of self-control, self-respect, and self-awareness that generate wholesome habits that will last a lifetime.

Our Values

Moral Excellence


Culture Change

Character Shaping

Purity: Our favorite definition of purity is “operating in our full strength” which is how we behave if we’re in a crowd or all alone.