We Need You... 

What cause are you fighting for?   


Rubies Corporation is a 501 c (3) non-profit organization who solely depend on the community and generous supporters like you. Without your contribution to Rubies, we would not thrive.

We are seeking those who know they are called to be change agents in the lives of these impoverished and at-risk girls. Being a change agent simply means this; you become a part of the village that it takes to raise our children.

By providing for them an atmosphere to be vulnerable in while being educated pertinent information NOT being taught in the average public school we are ultimately preventing them becoming the next victim of one of the most lucrative industries out here today; SEX TRAFFICKING.   

Rubies need you to help us fight against what's destroying many of our families lives.  We must work together to eradicate sex trafficking and bridge the gap between our girls to enable them to care for others being exploited.

Please, do not hesitate; give your time, your talent and your generous monetary support to this cause...Rubies (Rare Unique Beautiful Intelligent Excelling Sisters) a sex trafficking awareness and prevention program.

It’s not what they are taught; it’s what they learn that makes the difference” A. Bentley

If you believe that you are a perfect fit for Rubies and would like to register or volunteer, please reach out to us via email at bentley@imaruby.com and someone will promptly get back with you.