OUR FOUNDER: April Bentley

April P. Bentley, a Milwaukee native who learned the twisted art of the streets at an early age. Her soul-stirring testimony started in the early millennium as God shed light on her dark past, her shady present and her glorious future. April was delivered from a crippling lifestyle designed to destroy her destiny. A victim of child sex trafficking, the once drug and alcohol addicted call girl is now a free agent. 

April is full of passion and purpose and this you can witness in song on her music, her book "Don't Rush to get Old" (pin name: Olivia Jackson) a book written with the audience of her youth in mind, yet profitable for everyone and through various speaking engagements and the educational programs which she created for Rubies Corporation in 2016, where she serves as Executive Director.

April has a passion for women of all ages and her goal is to inspire them to be their very best, beginning right where they are in life.



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