Our mission is to reach impoverished and at-risk youth through education and mentorship. To prevent our youth from becoming victims of sex trafficking locally and beyond. We are dedicated to the success of our youth by building leaders today that will positively impact the future of tomorrow. 

Our Vision:

All girls in the greater Milwaukee and surrounding areas will possess the skills to prevent them from being exploited and or pondering the path of sex trafficking. Rubies will help them develop their own personal security, improve their health and well-being, build camaraderie, exercise good morals and value, be determined to succeed over the entire course of their lifespan as well as practice abstinence until marriage. 

About R.U.B.I.E.S.:

Rubies is a 501(c) (3) corporation that was founded in 2016 to respond to the cry in the community to save our girls from being targeted for sex trafficking in the Milwaukee County area. Milwaukee, Wisconsin has been known as one of the largest hubs for sex trafficking in the US for many years. It is also my personal story, I am a survivor of child sex trafficking. For many years I lived in fear of what was going to become of me. After breaking free, I looked back only to see many naive vulnerable young girls headed in that same direction and I knew that I could not just stand by and watch. I came to the conclusion that there was so much more to me than what met the eye and that would be others stories as well...hence; the birthing of Rubies.

R.U.B.I.E.S (rare unique beautiful intelligent excelling sisters)  is a program for pre-teen and teen girls to learn, grow and develop into responsible young ladies, being accountable for their actions. We focus on topics such as healthy relationships, teen domestic violence, the rise on HIV & STD’s, abstinence, sex trafficking awareness & prevention and financial literacy to name a few. Since 2016 Rubies has provided a safe atmosphere where our youth can be vulnerable while engaging in discussions that surround real world issues. Our mission, is to reach impoverished and at-risk youth to bring about good moral change, creating healthy self-images, positive behaviors and wholesome habits.                 

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